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Semester Abroad with Semester-abroad.comThe easiest and most reasonable way to study abroad for one or two semesters at a university abroad is to participate in open semester programs or also called study abroad programs. These programs are not offered by many universities even though more and more schools discover the advantage of open semesters to open their doors to a national and especially an international audience for the maximum time of one year. Universities in the USA as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand began to offer these programs, offering flexible choice of classes throughout semesters and subject areas as well as easy application and almost guaranteed entrance, provided the student has the required prerequisites.... more

"systems psychology" finds e.g. "systems physiology"

"systems, psychology" finds e.g. "computer systems" oder "introduction to psychology"

Partner universities of c/o offers free counseling and placement to all following universities or institutes offering semester programs (study abroad or open semester programs).

aus Australia (13)

can Canada (3)

uk Great Britain (3)

irl Ireland (1)

nzl New Zealand (2)

esp Spain (1)

tha Thailand (1)

usa USA (10)

Australian Catholic University Ballarat
Australian Catholic University Ballarat
Ballarat, Australia

The Australian Catholic University is a national leading institution with regard to the areas of Education in Health, Education, Business and Informat...

Australian Catholic University Brisbane
Australian Catholic University Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia

The Australian Catholic University is the leading university in the nation in the areas of Education, Nursing and Exercise Science. The campus in Bri...

University of Southern Queensland
University of Southern Queensland
Toowoomba, Australia

The University of Southern Queensland is internationally recognized for its development of innovative programs, but is, however, also known for its hi...

RMIT University
RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is one of the most famous universities in the state of Victoria. The institute is divided into three c...

Deakin University
Deakin University
Melbourne, Australia

Deakin University is one of the largest universities in Australia, and has a total of five campuses spread around Melbourne city. One of Australia's m...

Saint Marys University
Saint Marys University
Halifax, Canada

Saint Mary´s University is considered one of Canada´s best universities. It is situated in the southern part of Halifax, only a few minutes´ walk from...