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Australian Catholic University Melbourne, Melbourne (Australia)


Number of Students:
Total: 2500


Academic year:
The student year is divided into two semester:

First semester: February - May
Second semester: July - October

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Description of the Australian Catholic University Melbourne

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The Australian Catholic University is a national leading institution with regard to the areas of Education in Health, Nursing, Education, Arts, and Exercise Science. Additionally, there are programs such as Social Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Philosophy, Theology, and Liberal Arts that offer an excellent education. Practical areas, in addition to the classic courses of study, are offered and made possible through co-operation with other institutions. Above all, the faculty wishes to instill in their students an underlying foundation of respect towards other cultures, religions, and traditions. So, at the institution's six locations, it is not exclusively about academics as much as it is about co-operation. On every campus students will find student facilities that offer leisure and sport activities, as well as organized events.

Homepage of the Australian Catholic University

Location of the Australian Catholic University Melbourne
Melbourne Campus is located in Fitzroy, only a foot-walk away from Melbourne's economic quarters. In Fitzroy one will find many stores, cafes, and art galleries. Beautiful parks, gardens, and leisure spots are also close by. Moreover, the Student Representative Council regularly organizes events, such as a yearly ball and grilling festivals, to mention a few. Students also have a library, computer rooms, music-practice rooms, art gallery, chapel, fitness room, cafeteria, drink-vending machine, book store, printing store, radio station, and much more.

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City Profile Melbourne

Melbourne has 3.4 million inhabitants and lies in the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia on the Indian Ocean. It is Australia´s second largest city which stretches around Port Philip Bay and has recently been elected as the most livable city in the world. The sea forms the Southern and Eastern borders of the State of Victoria; it has 1.600 kilometers of coastline and tropical climate. Temperatures are convenient; the warmest month is February with 20 °C. Those who love swimming and sunbathing will have as much fun as those who rather want to visit cultural destinations. You can go surfing, swimming or take a walk downtown, for instance to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre or the Victorian Arts Centre. By the way, downtown Melbourne is concentrated on one square kilometer. After that, you should try one of the 3.500 restaurants since Melbourne is considered as the “City of Food” in Australia. Finally, you can enjoy the city´s nightlife and visit a nightclub, bar or pub.

Homepage of the City of Melbourne

Homepage of the City of Melbourne for Tourists

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International students have the possibility to participate in the Study Abroad Program. The program allows students to study up to two semesters at the Australian Catholic University.

Students have an ample selection of courses of study, each lasting 12 weeks (one semester). Normally, full-time students take four courses per semester.

ACU Melbourne Semester Program



A$ 6,200 per semester (four courses)

Tuition and Fees


All international students have to attend at least three units to fulfill the visa requirements. To do so, they need their High school diploma.

It is obligatory for students to demonstrate their English-language ability through a TOEFL or IELTS examination.

All opportunities to show the required command of English:
IELTS: 6.0 (W & S: 6.0, L & R: 5.5)
TOEFL (internet-based): 79 (Writing: 22)

Courses / Degrees:

Undergraduate (z.B. Bachelor)

Postgraduate (z.B. Master)

Accomodation of the Australian Catholic University Melbourne

Accommodation can vary depending on type of course of study. A more detailed description can be found on the individual school-subject brochures. We can not guarantee the exact tuition program charges and acoomodation possibilities.

Despite the careful gathering and compilation of information, does not guarantee that the information stated above is correct.